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L4D-Par30-40w LED spot light for Jewelry Stores

LED Chip, using high quality Germany Osram chips.
Built-in cooling fan, heat is minimal.
15/27/40/90 degrees available.
AC100-250V . E27/E26 lamp holder, 40w replaces traditional 70w PAR30 Metal Halide lamps..


1.  LED Chip, using high quality Germany Osram chip, good rendering color, life span of 50,000HRS.

2. The built-in cooling fan, heat dissipation is excellent , no infrared to ultraviolet radiation,

effective protection to the heat sensitive illuminated objects.

3. E27 lamp holder, diameter of 95mm, can be used to replace the traditional PAR30 Metal Halide lamp.

4.  The Beam Angle has a variety of optional: 15 ° / 27 ° / 40 ° / 90°

5.  Built-in constant-current power supply, convenient installation and replacement.

6.  High reliability and quick start Line Votage

7.  The use of voltage ranges: AC100-250V


Energy saving calculation

1.  40W instead of 70W halogen lamp, each save  40W of power.

2.  Work 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, 5110 hours per year

3.  Annual savings of 204 KWH of electricity,and reduce 159KG of carbon dioxide emissions.

4.  Reduce the replacement number of 1-3 times .

5. Reduces the amount of heat disbursement into the store.