• We Use LED Lighting to Add Sparkle to Your Jewelry

    Your store is full of display cases showcasing excellently-crafted, well-curated jewelry - a perfectly cut diamond set against a gold band, a row of sapphires fashioned into a bracelet, a string of pearls that give off an almost ethereal glow. In order for these works of arts to fly off your shelves and into the fingers, necks, and wrists of your customers, you have to show them off properly.

    Diamonds and gems shine at their brightest under natural light. They do not create light, they reflect it. When light gets reflected from them, the effect is almost magical. Their colors shine with utmost clarity. Their cut gets even more defined. Their brilliance is magnified. Short of installing skylights, your best bet would be to install lights that mimic natural light - and that's what we, the Jewelry Lighting Experts, specialize in. We offer LED showcase lighting solutions to help you showcase your most intricate pieces, so you can entice customers and boost sales.

    Why LED Lighting is Better

    The light produced by LED bulbs is very similar to natural sunlight. It casts a very crisp, clean, and clear light that brings out the brilliance of your well-cut stones.

    They are also a very ecological choice, because they only require 3% of the electricity used by regular halogen bulbs, allowing you to cut down energy costs by as much as 80%. And because they give off virtually no heat, you spend less on air conditioning to keep your store cool.

    They also last long, averaging between 30,000 to 40,000 hours under normal usage conditions, allowing you to save by not replacing bulbs or lamps as often.

    Our Jewelry Lighting Solutions

    We offer the following solutions:

    • LED In Showcase Lighting, including TITAN, Day Brite strip, tape lights, T8 replacements, and G4 replacements;

    • LED Overhead Lighting, which includes PAR38, PAR30, PAR20, MR16 GU10, MR16 Bi Pin, and Downlights

    • Track Lighting, including line voltage track heads, tracks, and accessories;

    • Metal Halide fixtures and lamps.

    We cater to the needs of the jewelry industry and others. Our clients include store owners, designers, architects, and trade show exhibitors.

    Contact us today and discover how much brighter we can make your precious gems shine.

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