What is LED, why should I use it and how does it work?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which light passes through with the minimal amount of energy needed unlike incandescent or halogen lights. LED’s should be used for the simple fact that you are getting a light that last multiple times longer than incandescent and halogen lights as well as consume less electrical current. LED’s operate on both low voltage and line voltage depending on the type of LED and the application it’s being used for. Ballast’s are never used to power and LED because the diodes are not suppose to intake too much power to where it will burn.

How are LED’s beneficial for my jewelry store?

LED’s are beneficial for your jewelry store because, you will have jewelry sparkling much more inside your illuminated cases, your electricity bill will drastically be reduced to a fraction of the average bill prior to having LED lights for jewelry and the temperature in your store will absolutely drop causing little to no heat allowing you to also run your air conditioning at a minimal level throughout the day eliminating that BIG heat factor.

Will the light coming from an LED diode start to diminish over a set period of time?

Unfortunately yes, nothing last forever, however LED’s start to diminish in color and LUX output when the operating lifespan of the bulb is near, but even then when reaching the end it will be unnoticeable to the human eye that it has only lost a fraction of it’s power.

How does LED’s enhance the look of your jewelry?

LED’s enhance the look of your jewelry by casting a very clean, clear and crisp light to be able to sparkle, dazzle and bring out the brilliance of all of your well cut stones.

Does the amount of diodes determine whether one LED bulb would be stronger than a bulb with less diodes

No, the amount of diodes are based on the size of the lamp or fixture and depending on the board used to power them, LED’s are purely based on the luminous output of the light whether it would be 3 diodes or 7 diodes.

What color temperature is well suited for diamonds and jewelry in general?

The best color temperature that is well suited for diamonds would have to be in the range of 6000-6500K or Kelvin color temperature. 6000K is your neutral white daylight color, anything under will start to turn to the yellow category and anything above will turn to the blue category. A bluer cast over diamonds will sparkle them fantastically, but they would give a lot more of an unnatural tone to the jewelry. Therefore getting the best possible neutral daylight look will not only sparkle your jewelry but bring out the scintillation and clearly define the Cut, Clarity and Color of your diamonds as well as all your other jewelry whether it be fine jewelry, fashion jewelry or costume jewelry.

What Applications can I use LED for in my jewelry store?

The Applications that LED can be applied to in your store consist of just about anything. For your overhead (lighting above the case) you can go with a pendant, track or recessed setup. With pendant lighting there are set amount of extension that run from the ceiling to the top of the cases. Track lighting (also the most common application) is used by running electrical track to your ceiling allowing you to snap as much bulbs and fixtures needed. Recessed lighting are cans that sit into your ceiling that allow you to screw LED’s into them providing you with light. LED can also be used in your incase lighting coming in LED Light Strip Fixtures. LED can also be used in windows and shelves as well as wall units and cases. Depending on your previous lighting and how your store is setup LED’s can cover all aspects of your store in terms of jewelry and general lighting.

Does the amount of wattage that the LED’s consume determine the amount of light output is expended?

No, the amount of wattage consume does not determine the output of light. All LED’s are built differently with different diodes, boards, extrusions and chips. So you can never base what one bulb consumes to what one produces. LED’s are built to cut down electrical consumption and give you the brightest light possible.